Supporting Software



Lightworks : Lightworks is an excellent editor which for the purposes of my channel is completely free and I will be forever grateful for it! It is provided free for YouTube work up to 720p at 60fps if you want it and it is amazingly powerful if you are patient enough to go through the tutorials and beat the steep learning curve.

OBS Studio


OBS Studio : The Open Broadcaster Project is an excellent and powerful bit of software for recording, streaming and it even encodes so the recording sizes are not wildly unbelievable. This is the key software that enabled me to start up more seriously – switching between all the alternatives constantly was a pain and best of all OBS is FREE!



This amazing utility runs entirely on the web at and is the system you often see providing animated tip jars, subscriber notifications and way way more and just like a lot of things on this list it’s aviable to set up absolutely free right now.


Provided by Streambadge

This site ( provides the images you see here that tell you when a channel is live and are a great little way of avoiding doing the coding for that yourself.


To go along with these amazing pieces of software and amazing utilities, some honourable mentions for things I have used previously and may use again but currently my setup doesn’t require.



Voicemeeter : VoiceMeeter is a free software audio mixer. It can be supported by donations and I recommend it wholly. Combined with the Virtual Audio Cable by the same developers if you have enough devices that handle audio you can now mix them all as if you had an actual deck – superb!

VSTHost : This is for the slightly more technical work that handles digital or simulated audio processing on live audio streams. In quick terms this bit of clever kit lets me add effects to the audio, take out noise and low and high pass filtering.