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To donate to any of my websites or content platforms just click the links to those areas (either on the left or below depending on your device) to be taken to Paypal or Streamlabs – I am already incredibly grateful you’ve come this far in considering it so importantly I must tell you that the link you click will tag your donation so I can see what you would like the money to go towards and then I can use it appropriately!

The donation service used is PayPal ( and as such there may be fees applied to your donation by PayPal for their services. A PayPal account is not required to donate. All donations can be connected to the link you clicked so that the proceeds can be appropriately allocated to the content network (Website/YouTube/Twitch). All branches of the content and media network are available to visit from

Money donated is always used to provide support to the network, to enable fresh new content to be created and to allow the connected content and media to be expanded. This includes but is not limited to; the purchase and licensing of software (inc games), paying for services and bills related to the network, upkeep and servicing of physical hardware used and compensation for time working to maintain and moderate the network to which you are considering donating.

Money donated will never be forwarded on to other causes or charities unless specifically stated. Any charity drives or money gathered for any cause will be expressly laid out on dedicated donation pages. Money being raised for any projects considered above the normal requirement of the content network will also be specifically mentioned on this website and through social media for the duration in which they are active. If you do not wish your donation to go toward any specific drive active at the time it is suggested you wait and donate at a later time.

All donations are to be considered non-refundable unless special circumstances are in effect. For as long as donations continue to support the content and media being created and maintained they will remain where possible entirely advertisement free. Where advertisements are unavoidable they may support the network. Where other donation options are available (e.g. Twitch Bits)’s systems may not be employed and as such other charges may be applied.