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RCT2 – Electric Fields

Another stream has been cut up for highlights from start to finish! Watch and see how me and Badger got through Electric Fields.

RCT2 – Crazy Castle!

Whay!! Finally, all the parts of the first RCT2 stream are live on YouTube. Here they are, in all their glory, for you to enjoy! Part 1 Part2 Bonus bits!

Who makes these videos anyway?

This post was inspired by a video by the wonderful Tom Scott (Twitter) which I will link or embed at the bottom of this entry. Inside the process of making video or streaming content there...

Rockets, Rockets, Factorio!

Part 10, wow, I think that’s now 10 streams if I’m counting right and we’re still not quite to the actual rocket because the infrastructure work I want in first is substantial and has to...

Factorio Rockets!

Here are all 3 parts of Stream 1 – The Factorio Rockets Challenge is well under way!